RL-50 50R 500W 36V Mini Dirt Bike - Blue



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THE RL-50 50R 500W 36V Mini Electric Dirt Bike
Age Group 
14+ Years

These dirt bikes have been getting great feedback from customers and now we are happy to be able to offer the newest member of the 50R Dirt bike family the new Renegade Lithium 50R 500W 36V Mini Dirt Bike.

With the same great build quality as the previous Electric 50R dirt bike this new version comes with a lithium battery, the smaller lighter lithium batteries are quicker to charge and yet give an improved run time compared to conventional batteries while also bringing down the overall weight of the bike helping to improve handling.

The bike itself has inverted front alloy shocks and a mono rear steel shock, there are front and rear disc brakes and it has a key adjustable parental speed control offering 3 speeds, so no matter the experience of the rider this bike will be able to adapt to them

Key Features

Motor: 500W 36V Rare Earth - Neodymium Magnet Motor

Quiet running compared, to petrol model

Battery: 36V8AH Lithium

Transmission: Chain

Chain Guard fitted for safety

Parental Speed Control

3 Speed: Low - 4mph, Medium - 9mph, High - 15mph

Run Distance: 12.5km

Front Shock: Inverted alloy front shock

Rear Shock: Mono Steel shock

Seat height: 56cm

Ground Clearance: 22cm

Wheel Base: 84cm

Front and Rear Wheels: 2.5-10


Colour Blue
Brand Renegade
Number Of Seats 1
Top Speed 15mph
Voltage 36V
Warranty 6 Months
Height 80
Length 125
Width 56

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