Kids 24V 250w Electric Dirt Bike 2019





This 24V Electric Motorbike is a rechargeable bike designed specifically for kids and has a top speed of 21km/h! 

But don’t worry! if they want to get used to things before taking it up to full speed there is also a low speed setting with a max of 11km/h and balance wheels fitted for learner drivers.

Revvi graphics kit and number board included!


*Please note this bike is not a ‘Revvi’ bike or manufactured by Revvi* 

The Bike is designed so that first time riders can learn at their own pace, allowing them to gain confidence until their ready to ditch the training wheels and take it up to full speed.

This chain driven 24V motorbike has a range of 13km on a full charge and with the strong steel frame it is even capable of a little off roading.

Speed and range are terrain and weight dependant



Colour varies 
Brand MX
Max Weight 45kg
Number Of Seats 1
Top Speed 13mph
Voltage 24V
Warranty 6 Months
Height 40
Length 92
Width 72

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